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  1. how to winterize your irrigation system using the blow out method
  2. how to winterize your irrigation system using automatic drains
  3. How to glue fittings onto PVC pipe
  4. How to locate or find irrigation valves
  5. How to use a multimeter to determine if you have a bad controller, valve or wiring problem.
  6. Skeet-R-Gone: What are the benefits
  7. How to install a wired rain sensor
  8. how to replace an irrigation valve solenoid
  9. Relacing a mechanical controller with a digital controller
  10. How to run pipe under a driveway or sidewalk


Bucket Irrigation
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Winterizing Your Irrigation System
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Rain Bird - Drip Irrigation Tips
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my irrigation / watering DIY centrifugal water pump
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Drip Irrigation Kit - Heart Of The Garden Part I
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