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Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

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Do-it-yourself irrigation is becoming more and more feasible! In some parts of the country, homeowners install nearly 75% of all sprinkler systems.
Before shopping for your sprinkler system, you have a good deal of homework to do. Take a serious look at your yard, its needs, and your budget. Draw up a detailed plan of the lot. If you have any doubts or areas of confusion, think about ordering one of these small books. It's far better to uncover a mistake at the planning stage than to discover a major flaw after the system is installed.
cover Complete instructions outline all the irrigation options available to homeowners, from fully automated sprinkler systems for large yards to simple manual drip systems for balcony plants. Maintenance and repair procedures are also included to help readers keep their watering systems working properly.

Included here: troubleshooting and problem solving, customizing designs for an irrigation system, buying guides to components, and thorough, well-diagrammed how-to instructions made clear by helpful color photographs and detailed diagrams.
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cover Drawing from the experience of several irrigation designers, contractors, and equipment manufacturers, this progressive, how-to reference takes you through all the steps and subjects you'll need to master irrigation design and is simple enough that novices can study it and become comfortable with irrigation design and hydraulics. Additionally, this book is in-depth enough to enable designers to meet federal metric guidelines and communicate better with international contractors. Best Choice



cover How To Design And Build A Sprinkler System is for the intelligent homeowner who wants to install a "real" sprinkler system, have the fun and satisfaction of doing it themselves, and save a ton of money compared to having a contractor do the same job. The book is also a recommended read for someone taking bids and talking to contractors about irrigation work. 

This book was originally packaged as a homeowner book. What we have found is that landscaping and irrigation contractors, gardeners, public agencies and irrigation suppliers have also been using this book as a basic primer to get new employees up to speed on sprinkler systems.



cover The only book any homeowner needs when considering an irrigation system for a lawn, this complete handbook, written by a master plumber in clear, non-technical language, addresses all types of irrigation systems--from the simple to the high-tech--including overhead, surface, and underground irrigation equipment. 50 illustrations & photos. BUY NOW


A very well written, hardbound design manual covering all aspects of turf and landscape irrigation. The preferred text at many colleges and universities, it is a "must" for any irrigation professional's library. Complete Reference Manual



Scotts Sprinklers & Watering Systems is a complete and thoroughly "user friendly" guide to planning and installing landscape irrigation for the home. Profusely illustrated, this "how to manual covers every aspect of planning out a sprinkling system to be as cost efficient to install as it would be to operate. Included in the planning process are detailed materials and equipment comparisons as this superbly organized "how to" manual takes the homeowner and do-it-yourselfer through the planning and design process from beginning to end.



Take the mystery out of installing a watering system with this new edition of Sprinklers & Drip Systems.Visual guides and garden plans help you select, install, and maintain the right systemor systemsfor your landscaping needs. Color photos assist in identifying the correct components when shopping for a particular sprinkler or drip system. Youll save time, money, and conserve water by employing the books planning recommendations and installation instructions. Features n Excellent reference volume whether self-installing or hiring contractors n Visual guides take the guesswork out of selecting the right sprinkler and drip system components n Step-by-step photos and instructions for planning and installation, plus information on maintenance and repairs n Showcases five different gardens to illustrate how particular systems address special landscaping needs



Landscape Irrigation is designed to function as both a professional reference and a junior- to senior-level text for students of landscape architecture, landscape design, and turf management. It is also an excellent study guide for young professionals preparing to take the LARE. Emphasizing water-conserving irrigation design throughout, author Stephen Smith covers all the bases, providing in-depth coverage of:

  • Irrigation methods and components
  • Drawing techniques and presentation
  • Sprinkler and drip irrigation methods and hardware
  • Pipe characteristics and hydraulics
  • Control systems
  • CSI irrigation specifications