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How to Repair PVC Using Union Couplings

Union couplings are normally used in situations where you don’t want a permanent connection. They allow for removal and replacement of the pipe. A common use is on backflow preventers in areas that experience hard freezes. This allows for the backflow device to be removed and taken in for the winter, eliminating freeze damage. That being said, they can be used for a permanent connection if desired.

Another common use for Union Couplings is in the installation of valves. This allows for the entire valve to be removed/replaced with little effort. With standard slip PVC connectors you are required to cut the pipe to remove the valve, or, if you used threaded, you are either cutting the threaded pipe or hoping you have enough room to spin the valve off. Not likely.

The installation of unions is quick and simple. There is a male and female part. Both have a slip connection on one side. This cements onto the PVC like any other slip connection. The coupling is then brought together and the female coupling collar is tightened. Pipe tape should be used to eliminate the chance of leaks.

That’s it. Union made. It’s as permanent or temporary as you want.

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