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How to clean an emitter

Since drip irrigation parts are above ground they can become clogged or damaged easily. The great thing about drip irrigation parts is that they are easy to fix and do not require special tools. The other wonderful thing about drip parts is they are inexpensive, so if the fitting must be replaced it will not break your budget.

If you notice that water is beginning to dribble out of an emitter or the water is distributed erraticaly the cause is most likely sediment clogged in the emitter. Gently insert a thin piece of wire (like a paper clip) in the opening and swirl the paper clip (or wire) to clear the debris, then rinse under water. If the emitter is still not functioning properly replace the emitter with a new one. Keeping extra drip fittings handy is always a great idea. You can also purchase a pre-assembled drip tool kit. The kit comes with all the necessary tools and fittings to do basic drip irrigation repairs.

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