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how to Draw The Property

Each small square on the graph paper should represent one square foot of actual property or use a scale such as 1 inch = 10 feet, 1 inch = 20 feet, etc. Using a tape measure, measure your property and draw it to scale on the layout paper. Use the
drawing below as an example:


  • Outline your house, garage and other structures.
  • Show walkways, drives, slabs, patios and other surfaces.
  • Identify trees and major obstacles.
  • Measure and record the perimeter of your property.
  • Identify slopes.
  • Show groundcover, grass, flower beds and landscaping.
  • Identify the size and location of the water meter (or pump) and main line.
  • Identify the soil type in your yard.
  • Write the scale of your drawing on your information sheet!

Download graph paper here!


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