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How to raise or lower a irrigation spray head using swing joint

Sprinkler Head with Adjustable Swing-joint Riser

If you feel the need to raise or lower a head, installing an adjustable riser on each one will do the trick without the hassle of digging it up each time and adding new parts.  Risers connect the underground line to the irrigation head. Adjustable risers allow you to raise and lower a irrigation head as needed over time. You can also raise irrigation heads with cutoff riser extensions. Swing-joint risers allow you to easily adjust the height, angle, and placement of a head during installation. It is available in two different versions: for new installations or for retrofits. With a simple twist of the wrist, either version can install to virtually any position to make it the ideal option to add to sprays and rotors at any time.

Sprinkler with Bottom Inlet
Sprinkler with Side Inlet

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