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Introduce Skeet-R-Gone: use your sprinkler system to kill mosquitoes

Enviromental Friendly

A well-designed and maintained landscape is more than a pleasant scene to be admired from the curb. It's a great environment for people, pets, birds, wild mammals, and insects. You want most of these creatures to enjoy your landscape and collaborate in maintaining it, but there are some pests that just have to go. Mosquitoes are among the most undesirable, least beneficial, and most difficult to control of all outdoor pests. Why not use the lawn irrigation system that keeps your landscape attractive to get rid of the mosquitoes that keep you from fully enjoying it?

Skeet-R Gone is a safe, effective, environmentally friendly device that works with your lawn irrigation system to repel and destroy mosquitoes and other nuisance insects without harming animals. Skeet-R Gone works by injecting a concentrate such as Bug Slug, which contains safe, organic oils in colloidal form and other natural ingredients, into the main irrigation line to be distributed throughout the entire landscape. This insures uniform, complete coverage at the touch of a button without need for special sprayers, mixers, foggers, or garden hoses.

How safe is Bug Slug? Let's look at the list of ingredients: Lemon grass oil, garlic oil, clove oil, thyme oil, peppermint oil, and rosemary oil are all found in a healthy human diet. Sodium lauryl sulfate, that's in toothpaste. Cedar oil is often used in aromatherapy. Inert ingredients include acetic acid, sodium salt, almond oil, citric acid, coconut oil, hydrogenated palm oil, water, and wintergreen oil, all ingredients found in human food. That's how safe Bug Slug is.

Whether you're hosting a cookout, watching children tumble in the grass, or just soaking up some shade, you want your lawn to be free of biting mosquitoes and the diseases they carry, and you want plant and lawn surfaces to be free of hazardous residues. You want the scent of fresh-cut grass, flowers in bloom, or meat cooking on the grill--not chemical pesticides. Skeet-R Gone with Slug Bug used regularly provides safe, odorless, effective mosquito control.

How it works?

Enviromental FriendlyHow can anything that safe be effective against mosquitoes? Bug Slug is produced using a process called "colloidal chemistry" which dramatically reduces the size of individual particles. These microscopic particles arrange themselves into structures called "micelles." Once the micelles are suspended in water at a specific ratio, they are readily absorbed by the exoskeleton cells and spiracles (respiratory openings) of the mosquito where they emulsify the chitinous tissue and tracheal system. Mosquitoes don't stand a chance.

Bug Slug destroys mosquitoes in the pupal, larval, and adult stages. It also kills aphids, flies, ticks, and many small arthropods. And because the destruction is accomplished from the outside without contacting the nervous or circulatory system, affected insect species don't have an opportunity to develop a resistance to Bug Slug.

Maximum effect is achieved when micelles are suspended in water at a specific ratio. Bug Slug is formulated for a mixing ratio of 1:128 ounces, or an ounce per gallon, when applied to landscape vegetation. Both higher and lower concentrations are less effective. The mixing chamber of the Skeet-R Gone irrigation injection device ensures precise mixing and distribution to achieve consistent maximum control every time you use it. By applying the concentrate by means of the sprinkler system, you can be sure of complete and even coverage of the landscape area.

Skeet-R Gone can also be used to distribute Flock Buster, an effective bird repellent, and other liquid environmentally safe concentrates developed to work on the surface of vegetation. It should not be used with hazardous chemicals, fertilizers, or preparations that contain solids. Click Here to Purchase Skeet-R-Gone

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